French weight allowance for female riders reduced

France Galop, the governing body of French racing, has announced the weight allowance for female jockeys across the channel is to be trimmed.

From March 1 2018, the concession will be reduced from 2kg to 1.5kg (roughly 1lb less) for females riding in flat races, though the full 2kg allowance will remain for races over jumps.

Nine months on from its inception in March, a review into the scheme found a 165% increase in the number of winners ridden by women.

Female jockeys also accounted for twice as many rides as during the same period in 2016.


The decision was reached after consultations with professional bodies, including those representing jockeys and trainers, with the weight allowance being reduced in the best interests of fair competition and breeding selection.

Edouard de Rothschild, president of France Galop, said: “Nearly a year on from the inception of this weight allowance for female jockeys, the visibility of these sportswomen has been reinforced.

“France Galop hopes this positive effect will be long-lasting.

“The measure will therefore be continued while undergoing an evolution which has been widely discussed among racing’s stakeholders.”

More woe for Hayley Turner

Further amendments to the scheme include capping the total claim for female apprentices at 4kg for both flat and jumps races.

The announcement will come as a another blow to Hayley Turner, who came out of retirement to take advantage of the weight allowance scheme earlier this year.

Turner is currently serving a ban for betting breaches, and is due to return less than two weeks after the new changes are due to come into force.


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